February 2017

Ahh, pink, the color of Valentine’s Day and love. Indeed, pink has a special place in the heart of Newburyporters.

It can be hard to guess what might capture the heart and spirit of a community, but when it happens, the sentiment is strong. That is certainly the case with Newburyport’s beloved “Pink House.” As you head from downtown Newburyport toward the beaches of Plum Island, the iconic pink house rises, alone, from salt marsh just east of the headquarters for the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.

So strong is the inspirational pull of this property, the pink house been featured in a New York Times article. It’s also a favorite subject of local artists and bird watchers who regularly stop along the road to investigate what wildlife currently inhabit the property. Snowy owls and hawks often perch on the cupola, expertly using the high, 360-degree vantage point to hunt their prey.

With the house empty since the early 2000s, it’s fate hangs in the balance between the Refuge which now owns the property and wants to use it for educational programming, sans the actual house, and a “Support the Pink House” group that has formed to preserve it.

It’s hard to guess how long the pink house will actually stand, but we know the memory of it will be in our hearts for a long, long time.

On your next visit, it’s worth the time to head out to Plum Island to check out all its winter beauty and to stop and contemplate the this special place while you’re there.

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