The Essex Street Inn was originally built as the “Lucky Livery Stable” in the early 1800’s. Due to the Great Fire of 1811 it burned down along with leveling most of Downtown Newburyport. A new stable was soon built on the same spot.
In 1836 the property was purchased for $950 by an inn holder and two stable hands, reflecting a strong alliance with traveling guests, providing them with a place to stay and means of transportation.
In 1879 the property was purchased by the trustees of the estate of Dr. Henry C. Perkins. In 1880 the stable was razed and in its place the present Essex Street Inn was built in a conservative version of the style known as Victorian eclectic.
A three story duplex style (the main building) was first rented to a sail maker and the other half to the family of Joseph Titcomb Chase.
Eventually the two separate living spaces became one and turned into a fifteen room lodging facility. Later the townhouse suites along with two other houses; one of which was formally the Captain James Kettle house was added to the inn.
Through the years it had many different proprietors and was sold by the Pearson Family to the Guertin Family in the early 2000’s.
As of today all 3 buildings are on the same property to make up a 37 room facility. In 2007 a small conference center and exercise room was added.