January 2017

How old are bald eagles when they finally get their white heads? What is the average wingspan for a bald eagle? (Hint: longer than all adult man’s wingspan.) Each time one of our front desk clerks sees one these magnificent creatures as she crosses the Chain Bridge on her way to work, she’s inspired to ask questions and learn more about these winter guests.

Well, this year, we’ve made sure that she has the day off to attend the Annual Merrimack River Eagle Festival, taking place on Saturday, February 18, 2017. The Festival is absolutely the place to go to learn these and other interesting facts about our national bird.

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For about a decade now, the Festival has celebrated two amazing recoveries. First, the Merrimack River’s rebound from its polluted past to its sparkling present; second, the Bald Eagle’s return to its restored habitat from near extinction. In 2005, one pair of Bald Eagles built the first nest known in the lower Merrimack River Valley. Now, the Eagles are back, growing in number each year, and that speaks volumes about the health of the river and its habitats.

Kick off school vacation week in Newburyport! You’ll love the full day of free activities on February 18, including:
• Eagle-spotting locations along the lower Merrimack with on-site interpreters.
• Bus tours guided by expert birders starting in downtown Newburyport.
• Live raptor demonstrations at Newburyport’s City Hall.
• Children’s nature activities and live bird demonstrations at Mass Audubon’s Joppa Flats and the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters.

Nestled in downtown Newburyport, The Essex Street Inn is within walking distance of many of the Eagle Festival Events and fantastic dining and shopping.